WKAR Preview Event: Hunting the Elements

FREE - Tuesday, April 3 at 7 p.m. | Join WKAR,  the Cyclotron Lab, and FRIB for an evening of adventure and extreme chemistry on the MSU campus.  Communication Arts & Sciences Room 147 | RESERVE SEATS HERE

WKAR guests will see a short preview of the PBS special, "NOVA: Hunting the Elements." It's a roller coaster ride through nature's hidden lab and the compelling stories of discovery that revealed its secrets. The full two-hour episode airs on WKAR-TV on Wednesday, April 4, at 9 p.m. (the night after this WKAR Preview Event).

WKAR Preview Event guests on Tuesday will also get to hear direct from some of the researchers who explore questions about how our world works. The evening will feature scientists from NSCL and FRIB talking about leading edge research that takes place right here in mid-Michigan. Included will be an update on FRIB, the new national facility for nuclear science, operated by Michigan State University.

Artemis Spyrou
An experimental nuclear physicist at the NSCL, Artemis Spyrou investigates nuclear reactions that take place inside stars and the astrophysical processes responsible for the synthesis of all known elements. She also explores the structure of light nuclei, so neutron-rich that they are beyond the limits of existence.

Brad Sherrill
Brad Sherrill is chief scientist at the NSCL and FRIB. His research team searches for the most exotic isotopes possible in nature, developing new techniques for fragment separation and studying the nuclear reaction mechanisms that produce new isotopes.

This WKAR Preview Event takes place in the Communication Arts & Sciences Auditorium (Room 147), 404 Wilson Road on the campus of Michigan State University. Parking is free (after 6 p.m.) in the Trowbridge Road parking ramp, near the South, Main Lobby. Google Map

It's part one of a science double-header from WKAR, April 3 and 4: Tuesday, attend the WKAR Preview Event at 7 p.m., with scientists from the the Cyclotron Lab and FRIB. Wednesday, watch the show on WKAR-TV at 9 p.m.: "NOVA: Hunting the Elements."