WKAR Staff: "What We Are Thankful For"

Nov 22, 2017

This is Thanksgiving week 2017. WKAR hosts, reporters, interns and more are sharing what they're thankful for and a favorite word associated with "Thanksgiving."

"What I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving are my colleagues who fill in for me when I'm away and get up so early. And for my set of 'twinkies' Carson and Daisy who I hope will sleep in on this holiday. My favorite word associated with Thanksgiving? Coffee." - Brooke Allen, "Morning Edition" host 

"I'm most grateful for three wonderful women in my life: my wife Karen and my daughters Amy and Megan. My favorite word associated with Thanksgiving is tryptophan."  - Kevin Lavery, WKAR reporter/producer

When I think of Thanksgiving, the word that comes to my mind is reflection... reminiscing about old memories and creating new ones. - Julie Sochay, WKAR Content & Community Engagement Manager

"I'm most grateful for my family and friends. My favorite phrase associated with Thanksgiving is family game night. Because after every Thanksgiving dinner we sit around the table and play card games and board games." - Amanda Barberena, WKAR "All Things Considered" intern

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is spending time with family and friends and having the opportunity to say thank you to those that have helped me and thank you to life for all the blessings I have. - Sergio Martinez-Beltran, WKAR Morning Edition intern

"What I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving is my beautiful baby daughter and my wonderful partner. My favorite word associated with Thanksgiving is movies. Nothing beats sitting around the TV with your loved ones and watching your favorite flicks." - Karel Vega, WKAR "All Things Considered" host.

"What I'm most grateful for this Thanksgiving is family, friends and my amazing work colleagues. My favorite word associated with Thanksgiving: football!" - Scott Pohl, WKAR reporter/producer

I think of all the small moments that end up enriching the day... like a walk on the trail or catching up with friends or family. And for all these small moments, I'm truly grateful. - ShaDonna Crosby, WKAR Asst. Director of Development

"I'm grateful my dog and I moved here safely to Michigan, our great team here at WKAR and that I got to enjoy some Caribbean bands and beaches this year! The word I most associate with Thanksgiving is indigestion because I usually eat way too much!" - Reginald Hardwick, WKAR Digital News Director  

"I'm most thankful for is my last 3-and-a-half years at Michigan State University, everything from WKAR to all my professors to every experience I've had here. The word that comes to mind? Pie.. sweet potato, pecan, whatever it is. Going home and getting a slice of that is really a Thanksgiving special for me so I can't wait for that one." - Isaac Constans, WKAR "Current Sports" engineer and producer

What I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving? I get to watch my Dallas Cowboys stomp the San Diego Chargers! - Al Martin, Current Sports host