WKAR TV Broadcast Goes 24/7 on September 10

Sep 7, 2012

Beginning Monday, September 10, WKAR TV over-the-air viewers will be able to watch WKAR, WKAR World and WKAR Create 24 hours a day.

There will also be a change in channel allocation for WKAR World. It will move to channel 23.2, placing the older standard definition version of WKAR. WKAR will remain on 23.1 in high definition; WKAR World will be at 23.2 and WKAR Create will remain at 23.3.

What Does This Mean for You?

First, if you watch WKAR over the air, you will need to rescan your television or box. This will only take a few minutes. If you need a "tune-up" in rescanning, WKAR's "Carolopedia" can help. Call her at (517) 432-3120, Ext. 365. You can also send questions by email to carolopedia@wkar.org.

Second, and very exciting, by eliminating the standard definition broadcast, the quality of WKAR's signal will be improved.

Finally, the 24/7 schedule will make it much easier for people to program their DVRs. And for those working shifts that might lead to viewing TV late at night, WKAR will now be there to offer quality, diverse and commercial-free programming.


Contact carolopedia@wkar.org or call (517) 432-3120, ext. 365.