“Yes means yes” bill would change sex ed in MI schools

Oct 22, 2015

Legislation was introduced in Michigan last month that requires sex education courses to have more exhaustive conversations about the issue of consent. We speak with one of the bill’s sponsors, State Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr., about the legislation and how it would be implemented.

“No means no” is the phrase commonly associated with consent. However, a growing number of legislators across the country who are concerned with sexual assault say we can do better.  They’re suggesting a new phrase, “yes means yes.”

Also referred to as “affirmative consent,” proponents say “yes means yes” laws go a step further. They say that consent isn’t just the absence of a no, it’s the presence of a yes.

Here in Michigan, State Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr. has introduced legislation that would require sex ed courses to expand the conversation involving consent.

Current State talks with Sen. Hertel about the "yes means yes" proposal.