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Dr. Brayden Stanley photo
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A dog that was badly disfigured and abandoned has a new nose, thanks to a team from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Animal welfare expert Temple Grandin to visit MSU

Mar 10, 2014
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Dr. Temple Grandin will be at MSU tomorrow. She’s noted for her research and writings on animal behavior, especially how to reduce stress on animals going to slaughter. She’s also autistic, and has gained visibility as an advocate who helps forward understanding of people on the autism spectrum. Her life story was portrayed in an HBO movie starring Claire Danes, which won seven Emmy awards and a golden Globe.

Current State #214 | December 5, 2013

Dec 5, 2013

 Today on Current State: new book examines the turbulent times in East Lansing during the 1960s; a lawsuit strives to give 'personhood' to chimpanzees; a tribute to radio legend Karl Haas at Wharton Center; and one MSU class puts out a cultural guide for international students.

Should chimps have ‘personhood’ rights?

Dec 5, 2013
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Researchers typically agree that humans and chimpanzees share a strong genetic link. A lawsuit filed this week, however, is taking that connection a step further, arguing that chimpanzees should have the rights of a "‘legal person."

State lawmakers are taking up several bills that have animal rights groups either cheering or sneering.

Sustainability and CAFOs in livestock feed process

Mar 21, 2013

Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry. With the exception of California, no other state produces such a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables.  Michigan also has a large livestock industry.  Over the years, the state has seen an expansion of “CAFOs:” or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.  In exchange for high food product output, CAFO’s also produce a lot of waste.

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A dog that survived being put down in a pet shelter gas chamber paid a visit to the state Capitol Thursday. Daniel and his owner Joe Dwyer of Nutley, New Jersey tour the country to campaign against the use of gas chambers by pet shelters.