Current State #170 | October 2, 2013

Oct 2, 2013

Today on Current State: the local impact of the government shutdown; a documentary about Michigan craft beers; the All of the Above Hip Hop Academy; and WKAR-TV's "Quizbusters" celebrates 25 years on the air.

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As we enter the second day of a partial government shutdown, it’s still uncertain just how much impact this will have across the state and locally. One thing is certain, however.  The longer this continues, the greater the effects will be. More than 40% of the state’s budget comes from the federal government. In the Tri-County area, there are many non-profits and government programs that rely on federal funding.

New film chronicles Michigan's craft beer scene

Oct 2, 2013

Michigan has seen tremendous growth in its craft beer industry. That growth is chronicled in the new documentary "The Michigan Beer Film."

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On this week's Neighbors in Action segment we feature the All of the Above Hip Hop Academy.  The organization provides youth the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of hip hop through mentorship, while building a Hip Hop  community in Lansing.

QuizBusters celebrates 25th anniversary

Oct 2, 2013

WKAR TV’S "QuizBusters" celebrates 25 years on the air this year. Since its premiere, the program has been hosted by Matt Ottinger.