Wayne State Sign
Wayne State University

Wayne State University has a message for former students who owe money to the Detroit school: Come back and let's make a deal.

If you'd like a diagnosis of your Michigan community's fiscal health, a new website can help.

Cars on freeway

Michigan would forgive more than $600 million in extra "responsibility" fees that have been assessed on 317,000 motorists for certain traffic offenses under new legislation that is designed to help them regain their licenses and stop driving illegally. 

Detroit skyline
haljackey / flickr creative commons

Once bankrupt Detroit has a balanced budget and a near $63 million surplus.

Five dollar bill photo
F Delventhal / Flickr Creative Commons

The two-year-old Lansing Financial Empowerment Center is launching a new program called “Lansing SAVE.” An automatic child savings account will be opened when enrolling in kindergarten in a Lansing public school. Current State talks with Lansing SAVE director Jayme King, and San Francisco Treasurer Jose Cisneros, who started a similar program there.

The Can Kicks Back

More young Americans are joining the debate on the country’s $16 trillion national debt. Some of those 20-somethings—weary of “kicking the can down the road”--are joining “The Can Kicks Back.” It’s a non-partisan group that wants to show lawmakers that young people want bipartisan action.  

Governor Rick Snyder says a controversial plan to prevent the appointment of an emergency manager for the city of Detroit allows current city officials to play a significant role in their financial recovery.