invasive species

The black swallow-wort
Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, /

Officials in northern Michigan are working to get rid of an invasive plant that poisons monarch butterflies.

Khapra Beetle
United States Department of Agriculture

A woman traveling from Iraq to a Detroit-area airport was found to be carrying seeds infested with an invasive beetle.

Japanese stiltgrass

State agencies in Michigan are inviting requests for funding of projects intended to prevent and control invasive species.

Japanese stiltgrass

Agencies have developed a plan to prevent land-based invasive plants, animals, insects and tree diseases from reaching Michigan, while limiting the damage caused by those already in the state.

Plant Invading Michigan's Lakes Is Hard To Kill

Apr 3, 2018
John Turmoil / WMUK

A state grant aims to combat an invasive plant plaguing Michigan’s inland lakes. Eurasian watermilfoil  forms thick mats on the water that make it hard for boats and swimmers to move through. Lakefront property owners often have to pay hundreds of dollars for herbicide treatments every year or watch their property values plummet. 

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Governor Rick Snyder says a new shipping lock in Joliet, Illinois is needed to stop Asian carp from making their way from the Mississippi River system to the Great Lakes. 

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid

Michigan officials say 23 projects have been awarded a combined $3.6 million in grants to battle invasive species.

Invasive Garlic Mustard -- Love It Or Leave It?

Dec 19, 2017
Rebecca Thiele / Great Lakes Today

Invasive plants and animals are an expensive problem in the United States -- federal agencies spent more than $104 million last year to control them. But a recent study on the garlic mustard plant shows that it might be better to leave some invasives alone. Our reporting partners at Great Lakes Today help us keep an eye on invasive species in our region. Rebecca Thiele from WMUK in Kalamazoo reports.

Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources

State officials say five ruffed grouse have tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

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US Department of Agriculture

The US Department of Agriculture is asking residents along the Great Lakes corridor and beyond to watch out for an invader- the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB). 

Japanese stiltgrass

The state Department of Natural Resources says an invasive grass from Asia has been found in Michigan for first time.

Asian Carp
Asian Carp Reg'l Coordinating Committee

Officials say an Asian carp found in a Chicago waterway this summer apparently got past an electric barrier system intended to prevent the invasive fish from reaching the Great Lakes. 

Flickr/Lawn Crawfish 022

News that Louisiana's favorite crustacean has turned up as an invasive species in Michigan prompted a local tourism agency to create a pop-up crawfish festival in Michigan.

View of Great Lakes from space
Jeff Schmaltz / NASA/GSFC

Congressional budget writers are proposing to overrule President Donald Trump’s call for eliminating a program that funds Great Lakes cleanup efforts.