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The sign on the vacant church building on Pleasant Grove in south Lansing says “Friendship Baptist,” but in recent months relations between two groups within the congregation have been anything but friendly.

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Later this week in Dearborn, doctors, psychologists, social workers, and religious leaders from around the world will gather for the Sixth Annual Muslim Mental Health Conference. According Dr. Farha Abbasi, an MSU assistant professor of psychiatry and a founder of the conference, this is one of the very few of its kind in the world, if not the only one.

Behind the effort to create a new Lansing area high school

Apr 11, 2014
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The idea of starting a high school under any circumstances is a daunting one, to say the least. With schools struggling all across Michigan, the economy still on the rebound, and the constant political maneuvering in education policy, the task of creating a new high school in the Lansing area seems that much more difficult.

The bells of St. Mary's ring out at centennial

Dec 6, 2013
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This Sunday marks the second week of Advent, the start of the Christian church year and the prelude to Christmas.  It’s also the 100th anniversary of Lansing’s Roman Catholic cathedral, St. Mary’s.

Church survey assesses needs of Tri-County area

Nov 13, 2013

In 2012, the Church of Greater Lansing conducted a community leadership survey to learn what local leaders feel are the Lansing area's biggest problems.



Driving around Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo or suburban Detroit you’re apt to see an interesting new billboard.  Alongside smiling, ethnically diverse faces, the boards read: “Millions of Americans are Living Happily Without Religion.”


These billboards and a related website are the work of the secularist organization The Center for Inquiry which is based in New York.  

Jennifer Beahan is the assistant director of the Center's Michigan chapter, and she joins us to discuss the campaign and her organization.

The challenge of Ramadan fasting inspires cookbook

Jul 9, 2013

This week is the official start of the Muslim holiday Ramadan. While part of the month-long celebration focuses on the reading of the Quran, it is also marked by fasting from sunup to sundown.

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Originally aired on March 27, 2013.  

Former priest makes case for ordination of women

Apr 17, 2013

For more than 40 years, Roy Bourgeois’ life has been devoted to an often controversial liberal activism. The former Catholic priest is the founder of the Schools of the Americas Watch and has spent eight years in prison for illegal protests.  Five years ago, the 74-year old was excommunicated for his support of the ordination of women to the Catholic priesthood.  

A discussion about Islam and the West

Apr 5, 2013

It’s understatement to say that Islam is misunderstood in the West. While we see images of people in the Muslim world that often depict the religion as violent and backward -- images that fuel Islamophobia. But of course there’s more to Islam than stereotypes, as there are millions of Muslims we don’t see who are working to feed their families and to give themselves better lives.

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Tomorrow is Good Friday, the date two-thousand years ago on which Jesus of Nazareth was sentenced to death and crucified.  For more than 30 years, volunteers in Lansing have memorialized the events of that day with a live reenactment of the Passion.

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 In the Book of Genesis it says “... God created human beings in his own image,” however according the book " The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America,"  we made his son in our image. Throughout the 20th century,  varied configurations of Jesus tell the history of race and religion in the United States.

From Rome: Michigan priest describes wait for new pope

Mar 15, 2013
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In a surprisingly short conclave, the Roman Catholic cardinals elected a new pope yesterday. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of the Buenos Aires diocese, became the first Jesuit and first Latin American to be named pope.

Monsignor Jerry Vincke of the Lansing diocese is stationed at the North American College in Rome. He shares what the process has been like and introduces  Pope Francis the First.

Lansing choir sings for papal conclave at the Vatican

Mar 11, 2013
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Twenty-five members of the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir of Lansing and several members of St. Mary’s and St. Stan’s in Jackson performed recently in Italy, including at a Vatican mass as the papal conclave was assembling.  

Monsignour Steven Raica, Chancellor of the Diocese of Lansing, and choir member Gratz discuss the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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During the season of Lent, selling fish is big business. It seems that every restaurant with a sign out front promotes fish meals on Fridays, when many Roman Catholics avoid eating meat.