Urban Farming

hoop house photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR-MSU

For city-dwellers, farming might not appear to be a viable career option. A program in Lansing works to encourage urban farming through the Lansing Urban Farm Project apprenticeship program.

Backyard chickens: an egg-cellent hobby

Feb 12, 2016
two chickens outside a cop
Corie Johnson

This weekend the Hunter Park GardenHouse is hosting a workshop to get you started raising chickens in your own backyard. Current State speaks with workshop instructor Corie Jason to find out more.

Innovative urban tree farm to plant soon in Detroit

Feb 18, 2014
Flickr - Mr.Mac2009

After years of delays, Hantz farm is starting to take shape. In 2009, John Hantz, CEO of Southfield-based Hantz Group LLC proposed building the world’s largest urban farm in Detroit. After cutting through red tape and shifting plans to center on building an urban tree farm, the project is starting to unfold.