WKAR Sound Vision Society

WKAR SoundVision Society

The WKAR Sound Vision Society is for individual and corporate donors to make a leadership investment in the future of public television and radio for mid-Michigan.

To join now, please contact:
Rebecca Walz 517.884.4698 | rwalz@wkar.org

Or visit:
Sound Vision Society - Television
Sound Vision Society - Radio

Membership Eligibility

The Sound Vision Society is open to individuals, foundations, and corporate donors who contribute more than $1000 annually to WKAR-TV, Radio, or Radio Reading Service.

You Can Make a Difference

Your gift touches every curious child, every grateful homebound senior citizen, every dedicated teacher and every family like yours with a desire for personal enrichment and growth.

WKAR relies on the support of you and those who share its sound vision for innovation and excellence.
Funds raised through the Sound Vision Society will expand the possibilities of what is already an exciting and flourishing environment for educational and cultural programming in Michigan.

Sound Vision Society Member Benefits

Your Sound Vision Society gifts will be recognized in a way fitting to the importance of the work it makes possible. As a member of the Sound Vision Society you will be entitled to the following benefits.

  • One-year subscription to WKAR's monthly Stay Tuned Program Guide
  • Window cling member decal
  • MemberCard for 2-for-1 benefits
  • VIP seating at WKAR events
  • Personally guided tours of the WKAR Radio and TV studios
  • WKAR Lapel Pin
  • WKAR Fleece pullover
  • Recognition through an annual listing in Stay Tuned

WKAR Sound Vision Society members are also eligible for membership in Michigan State University's various major donor clubs or giving societies depending on pledge level.

Sound Vision Society Giving Levels

  • Visionary Donor - $10,000+
  • Sound Investor - $5,000-$9,999
  • Program Partner - $2,500-4,999
  • SVS Support - $1,000-$2,499

Join the WKAR Sound Vision Society Today

Let your own interests and passions be expressed through a leadership gift to WKAR's Sound Vision Society.

You are the Future of WKAR

Our future is in the hands of people like you. Your generosity and your partnership is needed now more than ever, to reach the many who depend on us, and to provide the margin of excellence which defines WKAR.

To join now, please contact:
Brian Doyle 517.884.4758 | bdoyle@wkar.org

Or visit:
Sound Vision Society - Television
Sound Vision Society - Radio

10% of SVS donations are set aside for WKAR Radio and WKAR-TV endowments.

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