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What Are You Listening To?

David DelValle
David DelValle

Every few weeks, All Things Considered calls on you... out there in radio land... to tell us what sort of music you're listening to.

Construction worker David DelValle doesn't get to listen to too many tunes while he's working away building ramps at Logan Airport or doing other construction work around Boston. So he sings to himself and waits for a car to drive by that's playing something good.

DelValle sent us his list of some of his songs of summer, starting with "Go Li'l Camaro Go" by the Ramones, with Debbie Harry of Blondie singing backup. It's from the Ramones album Halfway to Sanity, released in 1987.

For the ride home after work, DelValle turns to a classic: "Dancin' in the Street" from Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. "The simple, pounding rhythm is perfect for a nice early evening drive," he says. His favorite version is from the 1965 album Dance Party.

To DelValle, hot-weather weekends mean mixing with the folks: "A most cherished part of my summer is frequenting cultural festivals such as the Portuguese Festas do Santo Divino, the Italian St. Anthony's Feast and Fall River's Festival of the Americas," he says. "The traditional music one can experience at these gatherings can make a fine Saturday even more dandy."

In that spirit, pick number three is "Chamarrita," a traditional Portuguese folk song of the type you might hear at a Portuguese summer festival. It's by Belaurora, off the album Traditional Music from Azores.

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