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Director Carl Franklin

NPR's Scott Simon talks with director Carl Franklin about his new film Out of Time, which opens October 3. The whodunit film, set in a steamy South Florida community, stars Denzel Washington as a police chief trying to unravel a murder mystery -- a murder where Washington's character is being set up at the suspect.

Franklin worked with Washington in the critically acclaimed 1995 film Devil in a Blue Dress. Franklin wrote the screenplay for the film, based on a Walter Mosley novel. He is also the director of the cult classic One False Move. Prior to becoming a director, Franklin was an actor, appearing in roles as diverse as Capt. Crane in The A Team and the character Fletcher in his own movie, Full Fathom Five.

Franklin's filmography:

Out of Time (2003)

High Crimes (2002)

One True Thing (1998)

Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)

One False Move (1992)

Full Fathom Five (1990)

Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989)

Nowhere to Run (1989)

Punk (1986)

Courtesy Internet Movie Database

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