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Songs about Feet, Math, Baseball: New Kids' Music

<em>Play</em> is a compilation of children's music from DeSoto Records.
Play is a compilation of children's music from DeSoto Records.

Kids' music blogger Stefan Shepherd weighs in on some of the new music for children that has been catching his ear. Shepherd reviews kids and family music "worth sharing" at Zooglobble.com.

Peter Himmelman is one artist that Shepherd likes, and he cites a song called "Feet" as an example why.

"He puts a new frame or a new spin on the subject," Shepherd tells Melissa Block. "You develop a new appreciation for a body part that you don't think about very often, wrapped around a very catchy melody."

Shepherd also likes Play, a compilation CD from DeSoto Records, a label that's best known for its punk bands. He calls one song from the collection, "The Grizzly Jive" by Georgie James, a "great little pop song."

The raucous energy of Play is a huge contrast to Renee and Jeremy's It's a Big World, a CD of lullabies that includes a remake of Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds." It has a lo-fi, raw sound that Shepherd says creates an intimacy appropriate for lullabies.

Shepherd also praises the Terrible Twos' If You Ever See an Owl and a forthcoming CD from Little Mo' McCoury. The CD from the well-known bluegrass family features "Barefoot Nellie," which is guaranteed to get little ones — and perhaps some big ones, too — dancing.

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