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Granholm approves UP moose-hunting season

By Rick Pluta, Michigan Public Radio Network


Governor Granholm has signed a law that will allow moose-hunting next year in the Upper Peninsula.

Moose had pretty much disappeared from the Upper Peninsula when Michigan re-introduced the species 25 years ago. Now, now the moose population is estimated to be somewhere between 800 and a thousand. But no one knows for sure.

Some wildlife experts argue it's too soon to allow moose-hunting in the U-P. They say firmly re-establishing the moose in northern Michigan still faces challenges from climate, disease and competition from deer for food and habitat.

Supporters of the moose season say that's why the law calls for a study. Experts will conduct a moose count, and will recommend when and how long the season should be, and how many licenses should be sold by the state.

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