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For The Record: Final Numbers From Florida, Ohio, Virginia

The Florida election landscape.
The Florida election landscape.

It's refrain that will take you back to 2000: For NPR, Florida is still too close to call.

The big difference is that President Obama has enough of an electoral cushion that it would not affect the outcome of the elections.

Still, for record, here are the latest numbers from Florida, Ohio and Virginia, three states that gave pollsters headaches yesterday.

We'll start with Florida:

With nearly all precincts reporting, Obama is winning the state with 0.50 percent lead. The threshold to trigger an automatic recount? 0.50 percent. This result may change and break further in Obama's favor because, as The Miami Herald reports, some of the outstanding votes are in Miami-Dade county, which Obama won by a 25 point margin. Full results from the county, the Herald explains, may not be known until later today.

By the way, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received almost 43,000 votes in the state. The difference between Obama and Romney was 46,000.

On To Ohio:

At one point last night, GOP strategist Karl Rove chastised Fox News for calling Ohio in Obama's favor.

As the night went on, however, the Obama victory became clearer. With virtually all the votes tallied, Obama has 1.9 percent lead. That's about 101,000 votes. NPR's Tamara Keith reports that there are 151,012 provisional ballots cast and there are 88,350 absentee ballots outstanding.

That could tip the state, but it's unlikely, because historically those ballots have favored Democrats.

And Virginia:

Through most of last night, Romney led in Virginia. But once the Northern Virginia vote trickled in, Obama opened up a 1 percent lead. With 99.5 percent of the vote counted, 106,726 votes separated the candidates.

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Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.
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