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104-Year-Old Gets First Tattoo — For Good


Jack Reynolds of Derbyshire, England, is getting a tattoo. What makes that news is that Mr. Reynolds is 103 years old. He'll be tattooed on April 6, his 104th birthday. Jack Reynolds will be tattooed to benefit a charity, and he joins us now. Thanks so much for being with us.

JACK REYNOLDS: Thank you for being with me.

SIMON: Jayne Goodwin, Mr. Reynolds's daughter is joining us to help out in the interview.

Where are you going to be tattooed?

REYNOLDS: It has been decided that I will have it on my right shoulder.

SIMON: Are you nervous?

JAYNE GOODWIN: Are you nervous?

REYNOLDS: I am not nervous at all. I'm looking forward to it, in fact.

SIMON: Did you say you're looking forward to it?

REYNOLDS: I am looking forward to it, yes.

SIMON: I mean, they use a needle, don't they?

REYNOLDS: It's for a good cause.

SIMON: What is the cause, Mr. Reynolds?

REYNOLDS: The cause is for a local charity the Ashgate Hospice.

SIMON: Let me ask his daughter Jayne Goodwin to help us out. Is that a hospice did he say?

GOODWIN: It's a hospice. And it's where terminally ill people go.

SIMON: Yeah.

GOODWIN: And they make it as better as they can for them, you know, just for the last few weeks, days, months.

SIMON: Mr. Reynolds, do I understand you were also part of the ice bucket challenge a couple of years ago?

REYNOLDS: I was indeed. I was the oldest person. We raised a lot of money for charity in America.

SIMON: Ms. Goodwin, what do you think about your father having a tattoo? I mean, it sounds like the kind of thing he'd never let you do.

GOODWIN: Well, to be honest, I've got some that he doesn't even know about. But when he's had one, he can't complain, can he?


GOODWIN: He's always been - had an adverse reaction to tattoos, to be honest. And my son has got two full sleeves, which he quite admires because he's a big, strapping lad. But my dad has never really like them. So to do this, it is a real effort for him. But he's doing it purely for charity.

SIMON: Well, we thank you both - Jack Reynolds, his daughter Jayne Goodwin. Mr. Reynolds is 103 and about to get his first tattoo. Thanks very much for being with us.

GOODWIN: Thank you, too.

SIMON: Jack Reynolds's tattoo will be of his nickname Jacko and his birthdate April 6, 1912. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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