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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have A Really Long Shot At Making The Playoffs



We're heading into the last weekend of the NFL's regular season, and there's just one wildcard playoff spot still up for grabs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still mathematically eligible.


Technically, but to say they're longshots is putting it mildly. Seven different things need to go their way on Sunday if they're going to make it to the postseason.

SIEGEL: First of all, Tampa needs to beat the Carolina Panthers - fair enough. That's within their control.

SHAPIRO: Then it gets ridiculous. The Bucs need to sit back and pray that Green Bay and Houston and Jacksonville and Philadelphia and Seattle all lose their games.

SIEGEL: And amazingly, that's not all. Washington and the New York Giants need to tie at the end of their game. No one can win. No one can lose. They must tie, which almost never happens in the NFL these days.

SHAPIRO: Still, mathematically, there is a chance. Given the long odds, the Bucs might have a few extra fans watching this weekend, folks who love rooting for the ultimate underdog and perhaps a few mathematicians as well.

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