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Your Anti-Anxiety Playlist: Lucy Pearl


Well, it's time now for another selection from our No-Stress Playlist. That's our regular feature where we play some of the songs you've shared with us, songs that help you stay calm through these challenging times. Thank you for all the suggestions so far. Keep them coming. We need them. Today's pick comes from Twitter user @carlythurman1. So sit back and relax or maybe get up and dance a little because here's "Dance Tonight" by Lucy Pearl.


LUCY PEARL: (Singing) I want to dance tonight. I want to toast tonight. I'll spend my money tonight. I'll spend my money tonight. I want to dance tonight. I want to toast tonight. I'll spend my money tonight. I want to get freaky tonight. Freaking baby, yeah. First thing we need to do is find brand new fits for you, make sure that you look good, make sure that I smell good. Let's purchase two new Bentleys. I know that it looks trendy. So glad that it's not windy. Here comes that girl named Dawny. Ask if she wants to go. Tonight's gonna be hot for sure. Big dancing on the floor.

MARTIN: That's "Dance Tonight" by the R&B group Lucy Pearl. We hope you'll keep adding to our playlist. If you've got a song that helps you relieve stress, tweet us at @npratc and use the hashtag #nostressplaylist.


LUCY PEARL: (Singing) Look what the cat hauled in. Me and a couple friends don't need to settle down. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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