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Voters Have Their Say And Reflect On Their Choice For President


NPR spoke to a number of voters outside their polling places last night. Here's how Izzy O'Connell (ph) from Washington, D.C. was feeling.

IZZY O'CONNELL: I'm just stressed - yeah, I think - just a lot of chronic stress. And a lot of people are going to be confused for a while.


Christopher Wilson (ph) in Chicago was planning for a long fight ahead.

CHRISTOPHER WILSON: If we have to go all the way to the Supreme Court, then I say we go all the way to the Supreme Court. You know, I hope we don't have to go to that. That's a lot of taxpayer dollars just to figure out who's going to be the president. But I feel that we have to do what we have to do in order to maintain this democracy.

MARTIN: Ariel Kohane (ph) from New York was literally betting on a Trump win.

ARIEL KOHANE: I put $900 on President Trump already. It's, like, a two for one, meaning if Trump wins, I'll get $1,800.

MARTIN: Ben Broughton (ph) from Dripping Springs, Texas, was also feeling optimistic about the president's chances.

BEN BROUGHTON: For every Biden sign, you see 100 Trump signs. So, you know, I just don't see it. If there's enthusiasm on the left, I don't see it. I feel more confident now than I did in '16.

INSKEEP: Patrick Bosworth (ph) voted in Las Vegas. He said if Trump does win, Biden's loss would be an important wake-up call for the Democratic Party.

PATRICK BOSWORTH: You know, assuming they lose it outright in a verifiable way, I think there would be a lot of soul-searching that would have to happen around why these voting coalitions aren't working.

MARTIN: Another Vegas voter, Emma Post (ph), told us no matter who wins, she's anticipating it's going to take a lot of work to unite the country.

EMMA POST: I just don't think it ends with the election. I think it's this continuous journey that, like, we all have to be committed to long beyond today or next month or next year.

MARTIN: Just a few of the voices from Election Day 2020. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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