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A record-breaking 55,000 fans flock to a women's college basketball game


Fifty-five thousand, six hundred forty-six people went to a football stadium yesterday for a women's college basketball game.


Setting a new attendance record for NCAA women's basketball. The University of Iowa Hawkeyes defeated the DePaul University Blue Demons in a preseason exhibition.


UNIDENTIFIED SPORTSCASTER: Caitlin Clark unloads from the endzone.

CHANG: Caitlin Clark led Iowa to victory, and coach Lisa Bluder addressed the crowd.


LISA BLUDER: Nowhere, nowhere in the country could this happen except for at the University of Iowa.

KELLY: Something else that only happens at the University of Iowa? The Hawkeye wave. That is when everyone - the athletes, coaches, staff and the thousands of fans in the stands - wave to the young patients and their families watching the action through the windows of the children's hospital next to the field.

CHANG: And this time, that wave of hope and support came with a significant bonus for the hospital - a cheque for a quarter-million dollars from the game's proceeds. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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