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Celebrate and explore Native American & Alaska Native Heritage Month with WKAR.

Native American Alaska Native Heritage 2023 | TV Listings

Native American & Alaska Native Heritage Month

AIRING on WKAR HD and WKAR World for the month of November.

All times are PM. Listings are subject to change.

WKAR HD Listings

Oct. 31 | Tue 

9:00PM Native America: Warrior Spirit 

Across Native America, warrior traditions support incredible athletes and connect people to combat, games, and glory. Celebrate and honor the men and women who live and breathe this legacy today.

Nov. 7 | Tue

9:00PM Native America: Women Rule 

Native women are leading, innovating, and inspiring in the arts, politics, and protecting the planet. NATIVE AMERICA explores the diverse ways they carry forward deep traditions to better their communities, their lands, and the world.

Nov. 14 | Tue

9:00PM Native America: Language Is Life 

Celebrate the power of Native languages and the inspirational people who are saving them. From secret recordings to Star Wars films dubbed in Navajo, follow the revolutionary steps transforming Native America.

Nov. 20 | Fri

9:00PM Next at the Kennedy Center: Embracing Duality: Modern Indigenous Culture 

In bridging traditions from past to present, this episode explores the subtle and complex representation of the contemporary Indigenous experience. Featuring special performances and interviews by two-spirit writer and interdisciplinary artist Ty Defoe, Native & African-American singer-songwriter Martha Redbone, and electronic music duo The Halluci Nation.

Nov. 24 | Tue

1:00PM The American Buffalo marathon

The American Buffalo, a new two-part, four-hour series, takes viewers on a journey through more than 10,000 years of North American history and across some of the continent’s most iconic landscapes, tracing the animal’s evolution, its significance to the Indigenous people and landscape of the Great Plains, its near extinction, and the efforts to bring the magnificent mammals back from the brink.

Nov. 24 | Tue

9:00PM Native America: New Worlds

Native innovators lead a revolution in music, building, and space exploration. From the surface of Mars to the New York City hip hop scene to the Pine Ridge Reservation, Native traditions are transforming life on Earth and other worlds.

Nov. 31 | Tue

9:00PM Native America: Warrior Spirit 

Across Native America, warrior traditions support incredible athletes and connect people to combat, games, and glory. Celebrate and honor the men and women who live and breathe this legacy today.


Nov. 3 | Fri

9:00PM The Medicine Game 

THE MEDICINE GAME, a film six years in the making, shares the remarkable journey of two brothers from the Onondoga Nation driven by a single goal-to beat the odds and play the sport of lacrosse for national powerhouse Syracuse University. The Onondaga Nation, tucked away in central New York State, is a sovereign Native American community known to produce some of the top lacrosse players in the world. The Iroquois people play a ceremonial game of lacrosse, referred to as the "medicine game" - a very important medicine ceremony played to ward off sicknesses from the tribe. The obstacles in the brothers' way are frequent and daunting, but their love for the game, each other, and their family's unyielding determination propels these young men towards their dream. 

Nov. 9 | Thu 

8:00PM America ReFramed: Sisters Rising 

Native American women are 2.5 times more likely to experience sexual assault than all other American women, and 86% of the offenses are committed by non-Native men. SISTERS RISING follows six women who refuse to let this pattern of violence continue in the shadows. Their stories shine an unflinching light on righting injustice on both an individual and systemic level.

Nov. 11 | Sat

9:30PM Surviving New England's Great Dying 

It's been more than 400 years since the first Thanksgiving. And there is a lot we are learning about that time. Just prior to the Pilgrim's arrival, a plague decimated New England's coastal Native American population, altering the course of colonialism. This is the story of the Great Dying and how tribal leaders are learning from the past as they deal with the effects of today's pandemic.

Nov. 13 | Mon

9:30PM Stories from the Stage: Sacred Circle 

As a symbol of life's cyclical nature, the circle is important for Native Americans. Rebekka honors the keeper of the connection between her people and culture; Charlie, who has light skin and hair, works to be accepted by fellow tribe members; and Levelle finds a path to meaning, healing, and helping after prison. Three storytellers, three interpretations of SACRED CIRCLE, hosted by Wes Hazard.

Nov. 16 | Thu

9:00PM Warrior Lawyers: Defenders of Sacred Justice 

'Warrior Lawyers' examines contemporary Native American Nation rebuilding through the personal stories of Native Attorneys, Tribal Judges and their colleagues. The documentary provides an overview of the major historical, legal, judicial and intertwining social issues shaping many Federally Recognized Native Nations today as well as reveals how culture and traditional values are effectively being utilized to face challenges and promote Sacred Justice. Long 

Nov. 17 | Fri

9:00PM Chasing Voices 

From 1907 until his death more than 50 years later, ethnologist John Peabody Harrington crisscrossed the U.S., chasing the voices of the last speakers of Native America's dying languages. Moving from one tribal community to the next, he collaborated with the last speakers to document every finite detail before their languages were lost forever. CHASING VOICES chronicles Harrington's work and traces the impact of his exhaustive research on Native communities working to restore the language of their ancestors.

Nov. 19 | Sun

11:30PM Our American Family: The Kurowskis 

Our American Family: The Kurowskis presents the story of a woman born and raised on the Oneida Reservation in Wisconsin married to the son of Polish immigrants. At the time, Native Americans had been pressured to forsake their heritage and assimilate into the culture of their white neighbors. Following a tragedy at a paper mill, the Kurowski family moves to the center of the reservation where their selflessness strengthens the community and prepares the next generation to support their Oneida heritage.

Nov. 25 | Sat 

8:00PM Independent Lens: Home from School: The Children of Carlisle 

Northern Arapaho tribal members travel to Pennsylvania to retrieve the stories and the remains of children who died at Carlisle Indian boarding school in the 1880s. More than a century later, will these Native American boys finally come home?

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