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'All Thing Considered' staff shares their most memorable stories from 2023

Some of the All Things Considered staff whose voices you don't always hear on air share their favorite stories that aired on the show this year.

All things Considered staff:

Ashley Brown, Christopher Intagliata, Justine Kenin, Kathryn Fox, Patrick Jarenwattananon, Jeanette Woods, and Sarah Handel, Gabriel J. Sanchez, Lauren Hodges, Brianna Scott, Michael Levitt, Jonas Adams, Elena Burnett, Tinbete Ermyas, Alejandra Marquez Janse, Avery Keatley, Connor Donevan, Emma Klein, Erika Ryan, Fatma Tanis, Gurjit Kaur, Gustavo Contreras, Halisia Hubbard, Jason Fuller, Jonaki Mehta, Kai McNamee, Kat Lonsdorf, Karen Zamora, Lee Hale, Linah Mohammad, Matt Ozug, Manuela López Restrepo, Mallory Yu, Marc Rivers, Megan Lim, Mia Venkat, Noah Caldwell, Tyler Bartlam, Vincent Acovino, Patrick Wood, Wendy Johnson, Stu Rushfield, Kwesi Lee, Valentina Rodríguez Sánchez, Adam Raney, Bridget Kelly, Courtney Dorning, Oliver Dearden, William Troop and Sami Yenigun.

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