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COVID-19: Answers and Insight | TV Special

Mar 24, 2020
portrait: Shawn Turner

Thu. Mar. 26, 9:30pm on WKAR HD | Shawn Turner and health experts examine the coronavirus crisis in Michigan in this TV special from WKAR. The debut episode in the new series focuses on resources for our aging community.

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Coronavirus in the Lansing Region

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WKAR Station News

portrait: Susi Elkins
Lindsay Wilkinson / LWP

WKAR has shifted resources and adjusted priorities so we can launch a number of new initiatives to help our Capital Region and Spartan community through these difficult times.

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DeShaun Tate
DeShaun Tate

Al Martin holds his first home broadcast in light of the cornavirus outbreak; DeShaun Tate of CBS Radio on the absence of men's college basketball; More cancellations in the world of sports; What could've been for MSU basketball 

McClaren Hospital Greenlawn photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR-MSU

Hospitals in Michigan are restricting entry into their facilities to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. 


Royal Scot sign photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR/MSU

With restaurants and theaters closed due to Coronavirus, one type of business that so far may remain open in Michigan is golf courses.

Aerial view of auto assembly plant
Courtesy / Second Shift

Two people briefed on the matter say Detroit's three automakers have agreed to close all of their factories due to worker fears about the coronavirus.

Noah Fortson / NPR

Wed. Mar. 18 at 11:30AM | Watch the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic, including regular White House briefings.

high school building
Courtesy / Okemos Public Schools

A number of mid-Michigan school districts are offering food assistance for people facing nutritional challenges during the national coronavirus outbreak. 

two blood bags
Courtesy / flickr/U.S. Embassy Kabul Afghanistan

The American Red Cross says the nation is facing a severe blood shortage.  The coronavirus outbreak has forced the cancellation of thousands of blood drives across the country.


Holt custodian Eliot Nutt cleans a desk photo
Scott Pohl / WKAR/MSU

Schools across the state are shut down in an effort to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. Now, the process of cleaning many school buildings is underway.

Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS / CDC

Estar bien informado es responsabilidad de todos. Infórmese bien de lugares creíbles, profesionales, y de fuentes oficiales.

Updated on March 26 at 8:30 a.m. ET

Since the first U.S. case of the coronavirus was identified in Washington state on Jan. 21, health officials have identified more than 65,000 cases across the United States and more than 900 deaths. By March 17, the virus had expanded its presence from several isolated clusters in Washington, New York and California to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Pi, Salia and Ginsberg, Poetry Out Loud, and "The Journey of Harriet Tubman". Join Mary Ellen Pitney and Jamie Paisley as they showcase events happening in Michigan. 


Michigan State University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D. has restructured the administration of the colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing and Osteopathic Medicine, and promoted Norman J. Beauchamp Jr. to the new position of executive vice president for health sciences overseeing the colleges as well as clinical practices. 

Beauchamp is leading MSU’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak

Science-backed tips to make your favorite foods even better, hosted by history buff, science writer and foodie Sheril Kirshenbaum.

From NPR News

China will close its borders to foreigners starting on Saturday, March 28, in a dramatic step to try to stop the coronavirus coming in from abroad.

It's not clear how long the closure, which affects foreigners holding valid visas and residence permits, will remain in place.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Immigration said in a notice posted online Thursday that diplomats, plane or vessel crews, and select others with specific types of visas would be exempted.

Benjamin Wittes says Trump has changed the presidency fundamentally — and we're seeing the impact during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is the author, with Susan Hennessey, of Unmaking the Presidency

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