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Pie Made in Michigan Is July 4th Tradition

The Grand Traverse Pie Company combines fresh cherries grown in northern Michigan with Detroit born Vernors Ginger Ale soda to create a special treat just in time for the July 4th.

The cherry Vernors pie is a balance of cherries, ginger and then the Vernors flavor and then we have a lattice on top which is unique because we usually do a crumb or just a pastry top," said Kari Troub, assistant manager of the Grand Traverse Pie Company in East Lansing.

The lattice is the criss-cross of dough on top of the fruit. And gives the pie a classic American image according to Troub.

“[It] captures the essence of the Grandma’s pie maybe," said Troub. "My grandma used to make her rhubarb pie with a lattice top.”

The Grand Traverse Pie Company receives a spike in orders before the Independence Day celebrations.

“People are going up north so they’re getting all their baked goods before they leave," said Troub.

If you want a bite the sweet and tangy taste of the Vernors Cherry pie, you have from now until September 10th.  

Click on this sentence for a link to the Grand Traverse Pie Company's East Lansing location.

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