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Q: How can I excite learners about Women’s History Month?

A: Women are making history every day and in many ways. Unfortunately, this constant may deplete curiosity in learning about women history makers. A talk about Martians may excite learners with a renewed interest. 

Has there ever been life on Mars? Do you believe a Martian will be discovered? How far is Mars? These questions were raised all across the world on February 18, 2021. This is the day, NASA launched its newest rover, Perserverance, to explore Mars. And more specifically to explore ancient life or Martians. Cool, right? What’s even cooler is the team of women who were making history as they supported the launch. 

It was amazing to hear Dr. Swatit Mohan’s play by play account of the landing of Perseverance in her role as the Guidance and Controls Lead. Yet the team of women making history to explore Mars didn’t stop with her. From Dr. Lori Glaze, NASA Planetary Science Division Director to Moogega Cooper, Lead Engineer responsible for Planetary Protection and Christina Hernandez who helped develop the Rover’s scientific instruments. These women all made history whether Martians are discovered or not. 


Women history makers extend beyond the sciences and into film, sports, and most recently politics with the first ever elected woman Vice-President, Kamala Harris. Exciting learners with a renewed interest will help children understand, they too can reach Mars and beyond with endless possibilities.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Pizzo


From Mrs. Pizzo's Workshop 

Robin Pizzo leads the education outreach efforts of WKAR Public Media at Michigan State University, the PBS and NPR affiliate serving Michigan's capital region. Robin convenes partnerships and coordinates station initiatives such as WKAR Family and Ready to Learn to bring workshops, learning tools, and other resources into the community to help kids be resilient, lifelong learners.
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