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Robin Pizzo, WKAR director of education, responds to frequently asked questions from parents and educators

Q: What can be done when children are struggling to handle ‘big’ moments in life?

Child and parents walking in a grass field.
Image courtesy of Microsoft.

A: Life comes at us fast, and the big moments may seem larger than we can handle. But embracing small moments can offer balance.

Teaching children how to enjoy small moments helps develop reflection, rest, and appreciation for the world around us.

When families are stuck inside for long periods of time and then the world opens up, every moment can feel like a big deal. This can be overwhelming. The first day of kindergarten, a parent’s return to work outside of the home, or even a soccer game can be a big moment. These moments prepare children to engage with even bigger moments as they continue to grow.

Balance is the key. Purposely help children to experience small moments with their whole being. Let them lay in the grass and count down the seconds it takes a leaf to flutter from a branch. Find a worm and observe how long it takes them to inch away. Explore a walk around the block in a complete silence challenge. Prepare a cool writing center with a cup of hot cocoa for quiet reflection. Teach them to breathe deep and stretch way high. The world has as many small moments to enjoy as big ones, and appreciating both promotes balance.

Speaking of exploring, join WKAR for Be My Neighbor Day on November 20. Families can enjoy StoryTime with Mrs. Pizzo and Daniel Tiger. I’ll be reading Daniel Loves to Explore and Daniel Chooses to Be Kind. Watch for more information soon.

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Pizzo

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