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Robin Pizzo, WKAR director of education, responds to frequently asked questions from parents and educators

Q: How can I encourage goal setting in the New Year?

WKAR Family Child on Parent's Shoulders
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A: Helping children identify how uniquely special they are by using an “I AM” statement is a great way to encourage goal setting.

Resolutions can be difficult to manage for young learners because they are still discovering who they are. Committing to a way they can continue to grow may be more achievable. As caregivers, we have front row seats to the uniqueness each child in our lives possesses. Watching them grow and develop into an individual is a special reward that should not be taken for granted. One way to assist children in growing as an individual and not a copy of the latest trend is by encouraging their uniqueness and setting identity goals.

As a mom, I wanted to create a visual of some of my son’s goals in this new year. I knew expecting him to make a vision board was way more than he would agree to. He’s just not the crafty kind of kid. Instead, I engaged him in a conversation about my personal growth goals this year using “I AM” statements. Then I shared one sentence explaining how I would grow in that area. Before I could ask him to do the same, he volunteered his “I AM” statements along with goals to achieve them. It was that simple.

Here’s an example from each of us.

I am healthy. To eat more fruits and vegetables, I will try juicing some.

I am knowledgeable. I will read more nonfiction books to learn new things.

I’d love to hear some of your “I AM” statements. Send me a note!

Happy Learning and Happy New Year,

Mrs. Pizzo

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