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Robin Pizzo, WKAR director of education, responds to frequently asked questions from parents and educators

Q: How can I not project my dislike for winter onto my children?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A: Winter for many adults can be a difficult time but embracing the season can help foster a positive attitude.

Cloudy, gloomy days, freezing temperatures and little greenery are a few reasons people struggle with enjoying the winter season. Most of us are unable to function like the famed groundhog of Punxsutawney, burrowing beneath the ground until spring is a few short weeks away. However, we can embrace the wonders of the wintry season. Here are a few unique wintry adventures to explore with children for positive vibes all around.

  • Maple tapping 
  • Snow shoeing  
  • Precipitation collection  
  • Snow forts and cardboard sledding 

And if you want less physical winter and more of a cerebral challenge, pull out a puzzle and encourage the entire family to join in. Mine has been on the table since the holiday break and everyone loves taking a turn at completing it.

Our attitudes do affect how children see the world, so make the best of winter and every season.

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Pizzo

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