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We ask for this information so that we can contact you with questions about the event, if necessary. We will not display any of your information on our site.


WKAR Community Calendar highlights arts and culture activities across mid-Michigan, including music, dance, theatre/spoken word, films, art exhibits & lectures, book readings & discussions and related events.

Submissions will be reviewed and approved by WKAR within 3-5 business days before appearing online.

WKAR reserves the right to edit submissions. We do not, however, check the details of the event and do not take responsibility for inaccurate information. Not all events submitted will be published. Preference will be given to concerts and other cultural events and educational events that, in our judgment, are likely to appeal to our audience.

When entering events:
- Submit at least two weeks prior to the event date.
- Select up to three categories for an event.
- Fill out information as completely as possible.
- Images should be .jpg or .png and are limited to 300k.
- Venue: Type in the first few letters of the venue or organization's name and see if it's already in our system to avoid duplication.

On-Air Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Once the event is submitted and approved, it will be considered for an on-air PSA mention.

As a free service to the community, events submitted at least 2 weeks in advance and associated with non-profit organizations are eligible for on-air PSAs. We cannot guarantee that an event will be chosen for on-air PSA, as we have limited on-air availability. We do not notify the organizations that have been selected for on-air PSAs. We also have no way to provide a schedule of when a PSA will be announced.

Guaranteed On-Air Mentions
If you would like to become an underwriter of WKAR to receive guaranteed on-air mentions, please contact Peg Arnold at (517) 884-4762 or

Contact Us
If you have further questions about WKAR Community Calendar and on-air PSAs, please contact Jen Preslar at (517) 353-6898 or

Check this page periodically for updates.
updated 10/18/18

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