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Curious Crew Season 1

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Curious Crew

Season One Episodes

Season one episodes of Curious Crew explore Density, Sound Vibrations, Air Pressure, Gases, Chemical Reactions, Thermal Energy and Gravity.

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Originally aired 11/3/14-12/22/14

Density | WATCH IT NOW
A magic ping pong ball, invisible soda and floating eggs? Explore the concept of molecular density, and an object's ability to change density based upon its temperature.  Concepts of buoyancy and displacement are connected as well.  STEM Challenge: design and build a life preserver prototype -- for a soup can!  Episode 101.

Get CuriosityGuide #101 - Density (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Sound Vibrations | WATCH IT NOW
Rubberband boogie, space phones and magic spoons? Explore the concept of sound energy resulting from vibrations. Investigate sound's ability to travel through different media in transverse and longitudinal waves. STEM Challenge: build a Cymatic Demonstrator to visualize sound waves. Episode 102

Get CuriosityGuide #102 - Sound (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Air Pressure | WATCH IT NOW
A can crusher, sipping races and an eggciting bottle? Explore the power of air pressure and the fact that air at sea level exerts a pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch or 1 kilogram per square centimeter.  STEM Challenge: design and build an air pressure car. Episode 103

Get CuriosityGuide #103 - Air Pressure (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Gases Take Up Space | WATCH IT NOW
A balloon in a bottle, building a lung and bubbles? Explore the positive properties of air, namely gases take up space, that they take the shape of the space that they are in, that its effects are visible on solids and liquids, and that matter cannot occupy the same space.  STEM Challenge: build a spirometer to measure lung capacity. Episode 104.

Get CuriosityGuide #104 - Gases (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Magnetism  | WATCH IT NOW
A slow poke magnet, chaotic pendulum and opposing grapes? Explore magnetic fields and the characteristics that make ferromagnetic and diamagnetic materials, including Lenz's Law.  STEM Challenge: design and build a linear magnetic accelerator. Episode 105.

Get CuriosityGuide #105 - Magnetism (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Chemical Reactions | WATCH IT
Color-changing breath, chemical goo and elephant toothpaste? Explore chemical reactions and discover how hydrogen molecules break and fuse to create new compounds as evidenced by color changes, released gases, the emission of heat or light, or an altered state of matter.  STEM Challenge: build bottle cars powered by a chemical reaction. Episode 106.

Get CuriosityGuide #106 - Chemical Reactions (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Thermal Energy | WATCH IT NOW
An unpoppable balloon, spinning soda and a simple steam boat? Explore thermal energy and how different materials conduct heat.  STEM Challenge: use a variety of materials to develop ice cube thermos prototypes to reduce heat loss and evaluate the cost of the design. Episode 107.

Get CuriosityGuide #107 - Thermal Energy (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

Rock vs. paper, accelerating washers and drop it, don't break it. Explore gravity and how an object's mass determines its force of gravity and the accelerating rate with which things fall. STEM Challenge: design and build a protective container for a raw egg to withstand a fall and impact on pavement. Episode 108.

Get CuriosityGuide #108 - Gravity (PDF - Acrobat Reader recommended)

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