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Current Sports | 6/23/16 | #729

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WKAR's Current Sports Mock Draft, NBA Draft,  Denzel Valentine, Deyonta Davis, Draft Memories, Derrick Rose Trade, and NBA Draft Busts.

On today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" it's draft day 2016, Al and engineer Isaac Constans' favorite day of the year. The show ranges from trivia to preference to analysis, but there's no way to kick it off besides a mock draft. Al and Isaac give their top ten picks with analysis, including one with the first Deyonta Davis destination. Then, after the break, picks 10-20 are breezed through, and a caller poses a question regarding the influx of foreign players. Al and Isaac continue to share draft memories, discuss the Derrick Rose trade in depth, and finally end the day with their favorite draft busts.

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