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Current Sports | 7/22/16 | #747

Vacation Talk, Draymond Green Plea Bargain, Le'veon Bell Suspension, NBA All-Star Game Relocation, Emily Regan, The Olympics, Ezekiel Elliott, and Reflection Friday.

Al is back from vacation and thrilled to be back hosting. He and engineer Isaac Constans catch up on the last week of sports and vacation before heading to the news of the day. Draymond Green's plea deal with former MSU football player Jermaine Edmondson is official, although the details are still unreleased. Al and Isaac speculate on the revealing. Then, Le'veon Bell has been suspended for missing a drug test, and talk shifts to his problems with drug usage. Then, Emily Regan, a former MSU rower and current member of the U.S. Olympic Team, is prepared and ready for the Olympics, telling all of the work that has gone into her incorporation. Finally, the show closes out with a low-down on Ezekiel Elliott's domestic charge and "Reflection Friday."

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