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Current Sports | May 30, 2017


Tiger Woods' DUI; The Fall of Tiger Woods; Curtis Blackwell; MSU Sexual Assault Investigation; Nick Hilton; Special Olympics; Weekend Winners.

Coming back from a long Memorial Day weekend, "Current Sports with Al Martin" covers plenty of ground this Tuesday, including catching up with engineer Isaac Constans, back from vacation. Al and Isaac detail the dramatic fall from grace of golfer Tiger Woods, stemming from his DUI arrest on Monday morning. Although no alcohol was involved, Woods' latest incident might be enough to end his golfing career, they say. While on the note of bad decisions, Al ties in the topic of MSU football staffer Curtis Blackwell, who will not have his contract extended following its expiration tomorrow. Blackwell has been strongly linked to the MSU football sexual assault allegation, and Al revisits the quote of athletic director Mark Hollis to shed some light on the dismissal. Then, Special Olympics gold medalist and Lansing native Nick Hilton calls into the show to discuss all he's achieved and overcome. Moreover, he's done it with snowshoes, and Hilton describes his sport and journey. Closing the hour, "Weekend Winners" casts the Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper as hero and villain.

Episode 947

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