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Current Sports | September 27, 2017


FBI College Basketball Investigation; Louisville Men's Basketball; Rick Pitino; Bribery; DeShaun Tate; NCAA Sanctions.

Well, Wu-Tang Clan called it. "Cash rules everything" on today's "Current Sports with Al Martin" after an FBI probe implicated Louisville men's basketball, among other programs, as entangled in a bribery situation with the shoe company Adidas. Al is back from vacation, and lays the evidence down, as well as fleshing out what makes this a criminal case. Brian Bowen, the recruit in the investigation, has his decision process scrutinized, including by a caller. After he snubbed MSU for Louisville, many fans wondered why. This show might have their answer. Engineer Isaac Constans says that although the actions are troubling, the implications for sports could be even more serious. Al says that this case will probably lead to more of its nature, and brings on Current Sports production assistants Casey Harrison and Jamal Tyler to weigh in. For the full details, look no further than this episode of Current Sports, which has expert assistance. DeShaun Tate, a college basketball reporter and host for CBS Sports in Atlanta, explores how significant the accusations are. The implications, he says, go beyond college basketball. Ending the show, Al prepare's listeners for tomorrow's loaded hour.

Episode 1025

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