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WATCH - Gamers For Giving: MSU eSports Participates In One Of The Largest Independent LAN Parties

Amanda Poole

Playing video games can be more than just for competition, as the eSports community comes together to raise money for charity.

YPSILANTI, Mich. - Gamers for Giving is a weekend-long competitive gaming tournament, streamathon, and LAN party hosted in the Eastern Michigan Convocation Center, that helps support Gamers Outreach Programs.

“[Gamers Outreach] provide gaming systems to children in need in hospitals,” Joshua Schwimmer, president of Michigan State’s Counter Strike Go team said.



Michigan State’s Counter Strike team and League of Legends team traveled to Ypsilanti the weekend of March 23 to make an appearance.

The event is full of social activities and philanthropy. It’s a way for the teams to have fun in a mildly competitive environment.

"Support the cause. Build a presence. The players are out here to have fun,” Schwimmer said.

The League of Legends team clinched another first-place trophy along with $1,500 in prize money. Meanwhile, the Counter Strike team placed third out of sixteen teams.


“Bringing our club to this event is really important for not only the children that it supports through the fundraising,” MSU eSports HR director Jenna Savage said. “But it also gives our club some exposure and our talented players some opportunities to show off their skills.”

The event was beneficial to the Gamers Outreach, and also provided a positive image of MSU eSports within the gaming community.

“This is [Gamers for Giving] 11th year running,” MSU eSports PR director Matthew Neumann said. “It’s showing how student-led efforts can create something on this big of a scale. It helps bring video-gaming to the forefront and how gaming can be a positive force for the community. It shows what our community is really about and how we can, as students, be a positive influence.”

Gamers Outreach raised $637,311 from ticket sales and streaming donations,

plowing through goal of $500,000.  

Credit Amanda Poole

“There’s so many things going on it can be hectic at times, but I feel like that’s part of the fun,” Gamers Outreach volunteer and MSU eSports secretary Ben Evans said. “I’m doing console moderation. I’m making sure everything's operating as it should.

Being a part of the eSports program at MSU, Evans was proud to see his team participate and do well at the fundraiser.

“I love seeing everyone from MSU eSports,” Evans said. “We always try to hangout and see each other as much as we can. It’s really exciting to see everyone here supporting each other.”

MSU eSports will take this experience as good preparation for the Big Ten Tournament.

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