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Current Sports | June 27, 2019

Desmond Ferguson

Kevin Durant; Kawhi Leonard; Kemba Walker; Kyrie Irving; Zion Williamson; Desmond Ferguson;

The NBA free-agency period is right around the corner. On this episode of Current Sports with Al Martin, Al breaks down what key moves could potentially happen in the craziness that is the NBA offseason, and what record that Zion Williamson shattered just days after the 2019 NBA Draft. Also, Desmond Ferguson, founder of the Moneyball Summer League Pro AM / Moneyball Sportswear, comes on the show to talk about the legacy that late rapper Nipsey Hussle left behind to inspire him, and the pride of seeing his Moneyball Sportswear line getting the statewide success that it has gotten. Tune in tomorrow as we recap the first night of the Moneyball Pro AM. 

Episode 1460

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