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The Sweet Science Of Boxing Teaches Important Life Lessons

Crown Boxing Club

There is more to boxing than just training to win a bout, as two Michigan State students discuss how the sport has changed their outlooks on life.


The sport of boxing is a discipline that individuals strive to master. Along the way, the qualities of patience, confidence and poise are gained. A boxer doesn’t have to be training for a world title bout in order to find personal progress.

Two Michigan State students, Damon Price and Jaelyn Funches, said they love boxing because it offers a guidance and perspective on life that other activities do not.

They both take classes at Crown Boxing Club in Lansing, learning different techniques and skills that translate to the real world.

“I definitely learned a lot of discipline that I applied to my everyday life here as a student. Attention to detail with the jab, the hooks, the punching bags things like that where you have to pay close attention to detail can be translated to everyday life,” Pierce said.

As a student, challenges present themselves daily. The concepts learned through sport, specifically boxing, can be applied in unique ways.

“When you’re writing these papers for these classes you have to make sure that you’re paying close attention to every detail crossing every T, dotting every I…” Pierce said.

Catherine Brooks tells us more in the above audio feature. 

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