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WATCH: Michigan State Student Remembers Trip To Fortnite World Cup

Taylor Gattoni

It’s the life serious gamers want: being invited, all expenses-paid, to compete in a global affair for real money. And MSU student Ryan Basford lived to tell the tale.

Eight years ago, Michigan State University student Ryan Basford decided to quit sports. That type of action wasn’t for him. The rest of his friends were playing video games, so he wanted in, too. It was their way of socializing and having fun. Little did he know how video games would increasingly play a role in his life.

Basford played video games throughout his life, and it wasn’t competitive until after he moved on from sports. From there, he played every day. For hours, you can find Basford sitting in front of his screen. The time he puts in, though, isn’t wasted. He’s used his quick reflexes to earn some big bucks.

Two years after the online video game Fortnite came out, there was the Fortnite World Cup 2019. Fortnite is semi-similarly to the Hunger Games. You pick a character or ‘skin,’ collect loot, fight off other players, and try to be the last player standing to win the Victory Royale.

Current Sports checked in with Basford to hear his tale of Fortnite glory:

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