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MI researcher weighs possible impact of Asian carp in Lake Erie

Asian Carp
Asian Carp Reg'l Coordinating Committee

A new study says Asian carp could make up one-third of the fish weight of Lake Erie if the species make their way into the lake. Despite that ominous sounding statistic, the study also suggests the impact may  be less destructive than expected. We talk with study co-author Ed Rutherford of Ann Arbor’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab.

A recently released study explores the impact Asian carp could have on Lake Erie. The analysis made by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab in Ann Arbor found that if the fish made its way into the lake, it could eventually make up one-third of the fish weight of the lake.

The project, which used computer modeling, went on to address the likely impacts of that many carp. Some are less destructive than anticipated.

Current State’s Mark Bashore speaks with study co-author Dr. Ed Rutherford.

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