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Lansing-born journalist recalls 60’s storms, Romney and Vietnam


If you were in Michigan in the 1960’s, your memories probably include the Palm Sunday tornadoes, Governor and Presidential candidate George Romney and the Vietnam War. A Lansing-born journalist with roots in that memorable decade has written a memoir that includes those three and more.Dave Frazier came from a family of journalists and started work in the field young. In 1963, when he got started covering MSU basketball, the Sexton High student was 16 years old. After graduation and a little schooling at Michigan State, Frazier was drafted and spent a year serving in Vietnam.

In the years since, his writing and photography have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Forbes and the Encyclopedia Britannica. He’s also been back to Vietnam.

Current State talks with Dave Frazier about his work and his new self-published book “Drafted: Vietnam at War and at Peace.”

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