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The Michigan Learning Channel provides high quality video content to support learning in and out of the classroom for children in grades Pre K-12.

Because each video is aligned to our state’s educational curricula and standards, both teachers and parents can use these free resources to introduce concepts, practice skills, and reinforce topics that are covered in school. These fun and engaging videos are easy to access and great for parents and kids to watch together.
A lesson on writing letters in the sand starts with a song! Watch as Mrs. Colón, Alaina, and Lexi practice writing the first letters of their names, exercise muscles in their hands to help with writing, and have conversations that build language skills.
Explore the aerodynamics of different types of paper airplanes like boomerangs, gliders, darts, and nose-divers. Meet pilot Emily Coaker and design a paper plane launch system!
A lesson on photographing the sky above Lake Superior weaves weather data, light pollution, and stargazing into a beautiful and informative Virtual Field Trip!
The Michigan Learning Channel is designed to serve ALL of Michigan’s 1.5 million children. This incredible statewide partnership is broadcast on statewide PBS stations, live streams, and on-demand viewing across a variety of digital platforms.