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Agency Urges Pet Owners To Bring Animals Inside During Deep Freeze

dog in snow
An animal shelter is asking people to bring in pets, even ones that routinely stay ouside, during deep freezes.

The Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing is urging people to bring animals inside during this week of below zero temperatures and wind chills.

Capital Area Humane Society 517.626.6060

Holly Guild is the Director of Operations. She said this weather can be disastrous for animals.. even those that usually stay outside.

“If they are left outside without appropriate shelter and appropriate bedding, they can get frostbite just like a person and they can actually freeze to death in a short amount of time," said Guild.

Guild said her agency and Lansing police have received calls today about animals being left outside in the cold overnight.

The agency also has crates available for homeowners who need to house the pets that usually stay outside.

"If people have outdoor dogs and they want to bring them in when its really cold until the temperatures moderate, they can certainly call us," said Guild. "We are happy to lend them an indoor crate so they can bring the dog in and put it in a laundry room or even a basement, something to get them out of the elements."

The Capital Area Humane Society's phone number is 517.626.6060.

If the animal must be outside, Guild said people make the mistake of wrapping animals blankets or towels for bedding. 

"But that absorbs the moisture and then it freezes so it's not very effective," said Guild. "Straw is the best kind of bedding. It's lightweight, it's a good insulator and you can stuff their whole entire dog house full of it and they can burrow in. It's the best protection you can give them."

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