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Klages Trial Continues With Opening Statements, Testimony

Kathie Klages photo
Scott Pohl
Kathie Klages leaves Ingham County Circuit Court after day two of her trial. She's charged with lying to police about being informed about Larry Nassar sexual abuse of two athletes in 1997.

The trial against Kathie Klages has ended for a second day, with testimony from several prosecution witnesses. Klages is the former MSU gymnastics coach. She’s accused of lying to police about being told by two athletes in 1997 that they were sexually abused by Larry Nassar.


There was testimony by both of the athletes in this case. Larissa Boyce says Klages held up a piece of paper and said there would be very serious consequences for Boyce and for Nassar if she filed it. Boyce testified that she felt “defeated.” “I felt like I was trying to do the right thing," Boyce stated, "but then I also felt like I must have a dirty mind, I must be thinking of this wrong.”

The second athlete’s name is being withheld. Her story corroborates that of Boyce. Defense questioning challenged how their memories might have been influenced by conversations years later, and how it differs from statements they’ve made in recent years.

David Dwyre, the chief of investigations for the Attorney General’s office, was questioned about his interview with Klages over the allegations. Dwyre was asked by the prosecution why he didn’t believe Klages when she said she didn’t remember being told about Nassar’s abuse. He said she would have a greater motive to lie. “She would have the fear of getting prosecuted," he continued, "the fear of losing her identity and her career, the fear of losing respect, civil liability, and being prosecuted.”

The trial will resume in Ingham County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Scott Pohl is a general assignment news reporter and produces news features and interviews. He is also an alternate local host on NPR's "Morning Edition."
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