Seven Years Since The Start Of The Flint Water Crisis: 'It's A Journey.'

Apr 26, 2021
Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Sunday marks the seventh anniversary of the start of the Flint water crisis.

On April 25, 2014, officials pushed the button switching Flint’s drinking water source from Detroit’s water system to the Flint River.

Inside The Third Surge: A Hospital In Overflow

Apr 26, 2021
Lester Graham / Michigan Radio

Jeanne Bishop and Kathleen Marble are huddled together over their laptop and notes, quietly trying to figure out where they’re going to put all the kids and infants coming into Sparrow Hospital with COVID-19. It’s Tuesday, April 20, and the 8 a.m. incident command meeting has just wrapped. Now the real work begins.

MSU Football
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We recap all things the MSU foootball spring game from Saturday afternoon. What were the biggest takeaways and what conclusions, if any, can we draw for the upcoming season?

Lars Brudvig digs a hole in the dark of night. A green light illuminates the hole.
Derrick L. Turner/Michigan State University

It sounds like a scene out of a movie.

Four specialists moving into an undisclosed location with only a map of landmarks to guide their way. They’re working under the cover of darkness, digging to find what they’re looking for in a race against the sunrise.

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Michigan's Board of State Canvassers deadlocked Thursday on certifying a petition that seeks to repeal the 1945 Emergency Powers of Governor Act that Governor Gretchen Whitmer used early in the pandemic to issue COVID-19 orders.

MSU Football
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Al weighs-in on the LeBron James Twitter backlash in regards to the death of Ma'Khia Bryant. Also, the MSU football spring game is tomorrow. We hear from the two leading starting quarterback candidates for the Spartans... Anthony Russo and Payton Thorne. 

After the episode taping concludes, the guest and panel continue to chat.

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The panel discusses GOP election bills. The guest is Rep. David LaGrand.

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The panel discusses the battle over GOP election bills and a push to bring more transparency to the legislature. The guest is Rep. David LaGrand from West Michigan. Panelists Emily Lawler, Rick Albin and Jonathan Oosting join senior capitol correspondent Tim Skubick to discuss the week in Michigan government and politics.  

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A Lansing chemist has been found guilty of conspiracy to steal trade secrets, economic espionage, and wire fraud.

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An artifact belonging to the Mayan Empire will finally make its way back home after spending more than 18 years at a college in Mid-Michigan.  The 500 year-old urn will soon be reunited with its twin in Mexico.