Ray Garcia

News Intern

Ray Garcia helps gather news content for online and on-air. He is an Environmental Journalism intern as part of a partnership between WKAR and Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.

The Michigan State University graduate student is an intern with the WKAR News Team during the summer of 2019.

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Asian Carp photo
LouisvilleUSACE / flickr creative commons

A new study finds Asian carp may be able to survive off a wider variety of food sources than previously anticipated. 

Researchers from Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research lifting a water monitoring buoy out of Lake Erie
WKAR-MSU / Ray Garcia

Algae pollution, plastic pollution and waste run-off plague the Great Lakes here in the United States. But similar problems also threaten large bodies of freshwater worldwide. The seven African Great Lakes and Lake Baikal in Russia, two of the world’s largest systems of freshwater, also face these problems daily.

sunrise on farm
flickr/Susanne Nilsson

July 29 marked this year’s Earth Overshoot Day. That’s the annual date where it’s estimated that humans have taken more resources from the planet than it can produce for that year. The calculations for the date are provided by the Global Footprint Network, with the date changing almost every year. 

Five Line 5 protesters holding signs in downtown Lansing
Ray Garcia / WKAR-MSU

Opponents of the Line 5 pipeline staged a protest in downtown Lansing nine years to the day after one of the worst oil spills in the midwest.

Sky over Greater Lansing Area
Ray Garcia / WKAR-MSU

With temperatures rising above 95 degrees this week, cooling centers will be open in Clinton, Eaton, Ingham and Jackson counties. 

City of Lansing seal and flags displayed

The city of Lansing is set to phase out the use of city trash bags in favor of a streamlined cart pick-up. 

City of Flint water tower
Ben Gordon / flickr creative commons

The Flint Registry is holding in-person enrollment across the city of Flint all week. Officials are trying to track the health of residents made ill by the Flint Water Crisis.

Roos Roast Coffee Shop, Ann Arbor
Ray Garcia / WKAR-MSU

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your cup of coffee? We stopped by Michigan coffee shops to find out what owners and roasters are doing to minimize the impact on the environment. 

Lansing police patrol unit
Reginald Hardwick / WKAR-MSU

The Lansing police department has opened an investigation after a police officer was caught on video repeatedly hitting a detained 16-year-old girl in the back of a police cruiser. Community members organized a protest with assistance from Black Lives Matter-Lansing. 

People marching in front of the capitol building in Lansing, Michigan
Ray Garcia / WkAR-MSU

On Saturday, the Michigan Pride Festival celebrated its 30th year in Lansing. Upbeat music and rainbow flags were spread out throughout march, which began on Grand Avenue and ended on the steps of the State Capitol building. Those in attendance included drag queens, local politicians, several churches and many families.

LGBTQ rally Capital
Reginald Hardwick / WKAR-MSU

June 28 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which took place in New York City. To celebrate the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer movement and the community, festivals and parades will take place throughout the month. See what Michigan has in store for the remainder of June.

Flooded home in Nebraska
Allison Mollenkamp / NETNebraska public media

Help from Michigan is coming to Midwest farmers affected by severe flooding. 

Downtown Portland Michigan
Reginald Hardwick / WKAR File Photo

UPDATED Thursday at 10:30 p.m.: Consumers Energy gasline workers loacted the damaged main. They anticpate having the leak closed off and repaired within a few hours. Once the repairs are complete, they will be restoring gas services to those impacted by the leak. 

Coldwater, storm damage, power outage
Facebook page of City of Coldwater

Thousands in the Coldwater area are without electricity after a heavy thunderstorm early Thursday morning.