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The Thing About Social Media

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about social media, filter bubbles, fake news and how these things affect our perceptions of each other. Increasingly, people are getting their news from Twitter and their facts from Facebook. Polarization is happening everywhere, and social media companies are tracking our every move, such that the highly curated user experience they offer us has been characterized as an echo chamber. In this episode, Prabu invites Kjerstin Thorson, a researcher and professor at Michigan State University, to discuss how social media uses our own user data to determine what we see.

GUEST: Kjerstin Thorson, researcher and associate professor at Michigan State University

More About Kjerstin Thorson

Prabu David is a social scientist who studies the social and psychological influences of technology in daily life. Since 2015, David has served as dean of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University. He examines topics such as multitasking, mobile health, social media and wellness, compassionate computing, digital privacy, facial recognition and ethics in AI.