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Environmentalists tell MDOT to pump the brakes on I-94 expansion

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Jeff Powers
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The Michigan Department of Transportation has plans to renovate a 6.7 stretch of I-94 near Detroit. MDOT says the plan will make the highway safer and reduce traffic congestion. But environmentalists are raising concerns about the impact of the project. We talk to Nick Schroeck, of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center, about why.

If there’s one thing that most Michiganders can agree on it’s that our roads are in terrible shape. As to how to fix them?  That’s another matter. Take, for example, I-94, a notoriously congested stretch of road, which was built in the 1940's and 1950's.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has laid out a $3-billion plan to repair and modernize a 6.7 mile stretch of the highway near Detroit. But some environmental groups are raising concerns about the impact of expanding the highway’s footprint, and they say MDOT needs to do an updated environmental assessment before moving forward.

Current State speaks with Nick Schroeck, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center.

This segment is supported by Michigan State University's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. More news about the Great Lakes environment can be found at GreatLakesEcho.org and on Current State every Tuesday as part of our partnership.

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