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New ‘Pundit Poll’ compiles views of MI political insiders

Matt Resch and Dennis Denno
Scott Pohl
Matt Resch (L) and Dennis Denno are the men behind the new Pundit Poll.

A new poll queries dozens of politically involved people about some the state’s most relevant issues. We have the results of the inaugural Pundit Poll from its creators, political strategist Matt Resch and pollster Dennis Denno.

There’s no shortage of political polls to read about in a Presidential election year. Here in Michigan, there’s a new and different kind of poll to explore. The Pundit Poll asked close to 100 politically plugged in people in our state their thoughts about a handful of topics, including our upcoming presidential primary, the Flint water crisis and the future of Emergency Management in Michigan.

Current State talks with the people behind the Pundit Poll. Matt Resch has run Lansing’s Resch Strategies, a full-service public relations and public affairs firm, in since 2009. Dennis Denno founded Denno Research, a public opinion company, in 2004.


On how the poll came to be

“I had the idea originally about 10 years ago, but we can both take a little credit. I had some friends - a pollster and another PR person - and we came up with a similar idea before the presidential election in 2008. That project went by the wayside. This Thanksgiving though, Dennis came by and said ‘I remember that poll idea you guys had - what would you think about dusting it off?’ So we spent Christmas break thinking of names of people to get [the poll] going.” -- Matt Resch

On surprising poll numbers for Governor Snyder

“We found that 46 percent thought Snyder will have a strong or decent legacy. 49 percent thought his legacy will be weak or pretty bad. That surprised me.” -- Dennis Denno

“I was expecting it to be a little less favorable for the Governor at this stage of the game. It broke down pretty much 50/50.” -- Resch

Do you think the numbers in the pundit poll are similar to what would be found in a random poll?

“My guess would be that the general public would have less patience or optimism on Governor Snyder’s legacy. Folks in Lansing - or in our group - might have a longer, broader view.” -- Denno

“I think the people who are considered insiders on the political scene have seen crises come and go. I think they look at these issues on a longer, broader scope. As opposed to a public opinion poll, which is more capturing a moment in time of someone’s opinion.” -- Resch

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