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LEPFA To Manage Groesbeck Golf Course

Groesbeck Golf Course sign and club house.
Naina Rao
Groesbeck Golf Course will be managed by LEPFA.

As a result of last night’s special meeting of the Lansing City Council, Groesbeck Golf Course management will be handed over to Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority, or LEPFA.




In order to override Mayor Virg Bernero’s veto and keep Groesbeck Golf Course under city management, the council needed six votes at Wednesday’s special meeting.


But there would be no chance of that, because only five council members were in attendance. Members not in attendance were Judi Brown Clarke, Patricia Spitzley, and Jessica Yorko.


That didn’t keep the public from speaking out. Concern and anger were voiced about LEPFA’s management abilities, the potential destruction of nearby Ormond Park for a golf course entrance, and the fact that not enough council members were there to override the veto.


“I realize that this is just kind of a farce because we don’t have enough people to vote, this is just an embarrassment, this is just a city embarrassment,” said DaleSchraeder during public comment.


Council member Jody Washington expressed her regret over the situation, and announced that she is working on language for the November ballot that would change the city charter when it comes to what is done with Lansing’s parks.


“I’m sickened by what we have here tonight. I’m sickened that we have three council members that did not show up. I just want to say I’m sorry, it looks like this one’s over, but maybe we lost this battle but hopefully we won’t win the war.”


The mayor and council have been at odds over the management of the golf course since the mayor proposed the LEPFA plan in the 2018 budget and the council rejected it, which resulted in his veto.

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